Everyone loves a beautiful smile.  Orthodontics can help you have a naturally beautiful smile you can enjoy.  What you may not know is crowded teeth is a symptom of another more serious condition that affects how the face grows and teeth come in.  Our philosophy is to address the problem so your smile looks great and facial balance is improved.

The most common cause of crowded teeth (malocclusion) is what we call poor rest oral posture.  In other words, where is the tongue positioned in the mouth?  The tongue influences the size and shape of the upper jaw (maxilla) and the lower jaw (mandible) with slight outward pressure creating enough space for all the teeth, including the wisdom teeth (3rd molars).  In contrast, poor rest oral posture inhibits favorable horizontal growth and encourages unfavorable vertical facial growth.

Our treatment goal is to help develop good rest oral posture, favorable growth and correct jaw size to make room for all the teeth.

Orthodontics in Canby and Sherwood Oregon