What is Orthotropics?

Orthotropics in Canby and Sherwood Oregon with Side Photo of Little GirlOrthotropics is a new way of fixing crowded teeth by treating the face rather than just teeth. Orthotropics was developed in 1966 by Dr. John Mew to guide the forward growth of the upper and lower jaws. Guiding the growth of the jaws forward can provide enough space for all the adult teeth while improving facial balance and appearance.

Today’s modern diet of soft foods, allergies and oral habits encourage abnormal tongue habits that can have a negative impact on facial growth such as crowded teeth, recessed jaw, cross bites, narrow palates and other orthodontic problems. Orthotropists believe the abnormal tongue habits creates the orthodontic problems we see today. Traditional orthodontic care focuses on tooth position and the treatment philosophy assumes the jaws and facial growth is determined by our genes. Therefore mechanical means of wire and brackets are used to straighten teeth without addressing the underlying cause of the crowded teeth.

Orthotropics uses removable appliances to help make room for all the teeth then train the tongue, lips and facial muscles to improve oral posture. If the improved oral posture is learned, the underlying problem is corrected.

The benefit of Orthotropics is improved facial development, increased airway volume and correction of the cause of crowded teeth.

Orthotropics in Canby and Sherwood Oregon Side Xray Before and AfterOrthotropics in Canby and Sherwood Oregon Side Xray Before and After Young Boy

Traditional orthodontics can’t make that promise.

Orthotropics, on the other hand, can. By correcting the problem, rather than the symptom, your child’s teeth will grow in straight and his overall health will improve.

Who could benefit from orthotropics?

The treatment is most successful on children between the ages of 4-9 as their oral posture can be most easily corrected at this stage of their growth; however, orthotropics can even help adults. Orthotropics is designed to help improve oral posture. Improving oral posture in children and adults not only helps to correct crooked teeth, but it can help with breathing issues. Breathing problems can be realted to migraines, sleep apnea and other airway disorders.

Children with the following signs would benefit from Orthotropics:
-Crowded teeth
-Small jaws
-Breathing problems
-any orthodontic concerns


How is orthotropics different from traditional orthodontics?

Orthotropics looks at crooked teeth as a symptom of poor oral posture. Correcting oral posture gives the jaw enough room for a patient’s teeth to grow in without the need for extractions or traditional braces. If a person’s oral posture is correct, braces should never be needed.

Orthodontics sometimes uses extractions as a method of making room for teeth and then uses braces as a way to straighten the remaining teeth. Because the issue of poor jaw alignment hasn’t been corrected with traditional orthodontics, teeth can move out of alignment once braces are removed if retainers are not worn for a lifetime

What are the long term benefits of orthotropics for overall health and facial structure?

The facial structure of some children grows in a vertical direction. When this happens, they develop receding chins, flat faces and crowded teeth. Vertical growth also creates a smaller airway and may lead to mouth breathing, dark circles under their eyes, sleep apnea, ADHD/ADD or other health problems.

Orthotropists believe that vertical growth is caused by open mouth posture or tongue habits which can be changed. By training children to change these habits, favorable facial growth, appearance, structure and airflow can be improved for the rest of their lives.

How much does it cost & do you offer financing options?

Orthotropics treatment costs the same as traditional orthodontics. We offer payment options as low as $99 per month. The average payment is $200-300 per month.

How long does treatment take and last?

The average length of treatment is 2 years; however, each patient has different needs, and we base each course of treatment on the level of correction that is needed. Results last a lifetime, and re-treatment or traditional orthodontics should never be needed.

Orthotropics uses removable appliances to help make room for all the teeth then train the tongue, lips and facial muscles to improve oral posture. If the improved oral posture is learned, the underlying problem is corrected. Traditional orthodontics uses a lifetime of retainers to keep the teeth straight.

Are Airway and jaw size related?

Yes. Crowded teeth means the jaws are too small or underdeveloped. When this occurs, the mouth is smaller and the space for the tongue is less which makes it easier for the tongue to fall back into the airway when sleeping. Recognizing small jaws early in life, before age 8 can give your child the opportunity to take action to minimize or reverse the root cause of the small jaw size. Click HERE to learn more.

Does my child have a breathing problem?

This is best determined by a pediatric sleep specialist. We have found diagnosing breathing problems for children is not as easy as it is for adults because children respond differently to airway restrictions. Even though your child does not have the obvious signs of a sleep disordered breathing pattern, the impact on their body and metabolism can have life-long effects. Early treatment with orthotropics by age 8 can help reduce the risk of small airway.